Welcome to REBT Clinic

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy is an efficient model for obtaining, regaining, or maintaining a stable emotional state, and for assuring that your behavior works for you! Here you will find clear explanations of the model that you can quickly implement. You will find links to resources and other REBT web sites.

We’ll help you navigate the turmoil of every day living. Just take your time, review some of the posts, and dedicate yourself to using what you learn. As you review any post here, ask yourself if it makes sense to you. If it does use it. If it does not, just skip it. Only do what makes sense to you. There is no magic in any of this. REBT is quite solid and highly reputable. Take information you find here and ask those you trust what they think of it.

Be diligent and attentive. You may quickly improve your feelings and your functioning.

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